Challenge #9: Technology Use

I agree with the typical analysis for Challenge #9 for the link of,”What type of online user are you?” I don’t really agree with the last one of inactives for the young teens. I know a lot of kids that are 12-years or 13-years-old and have an account on Myspace and especially Youtube. I myself have a Youtube account and two online games. So I think I fit really well in the Creators group. I have two friends that have the same online account and are friends with me in the awesome PC world.

2 thoughts on “Challenge #9: Technology Use

  1. Andrew, yes, you are quite the creative type. I am sure in the future we will see videos of you singing all over the internet, on YouTube and everywhere.

    You just have to be careful to read and follow the eligibility sections in each sites’ Terms of Service. For example, MySpace says you have to be 13 or older to have an account with them. You can check it out here:

    As you get older, there is more technology to look forward to!

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