My 2010-2011 Winter Break

This year winter break was nothing like I expected to be. It was one of the best breaks ever!! I got to do what i wanted to do with my family. Some of you are saying,”That’s not fun it’s boring,” and start comparing your winter break to mine. Well to your opinion it was boring, but it was the best this year.

Christmas Week:

For me, Christmas came really fast this year. When Christmas Eve came, I thought,”Wow. Christmas is already here and my break just started. It’s kind of funny.” But before I get into more detail on how my Christmas went, I”ll tell you about the okay week I had. Sunday came without any  hesitant. It was a relaxing day. The whole family was home. We watched TV together in the living room and laughed with each other. When nighttime came, my family and I went out to eat and prepared for the big week. Yes. CHRISTMAS SHOPPING SPREE WEEK!! The horror it was all the time in the stores. I felt sorry for myself  telling my mom I was going to go. The tragedy at the store looking for the rite present. It was so crowded I couldn’t stand it. Well, okay. I liked going too, unless I got to look something for me, like games and accessories for my games. I occasionally helped my mom look for some presents. That’s how the week went, the whole week went. Then on Christmas Eve, I went to my cousin’s house as we waited there for twelve o’ clock am to some on. As soon as it turned twelve, we all said,”Merry Christmas,” to each other. We prayed as usual( I’m Catholic so no one thinks I am from a different religion because I pray on Christmas. It’s a Mexican tradition my ancestors do to remind our selves when Jesus was born.) and after praying we give each other presents.(Every year before Christmas, we write names on little pieces of paper, roll the paper up, and toss it in a cup. Everyone picks a piece of paper, revealing the name, and that’s the person you have to give the present to. The present giving process is simple. Someone starts the process by giving someone else their present, they open their present and show to everyone, then they give their to present they bought to the person the have to give it to.)The rest of that day, I spent with my family and got my cousin to come over my house.That is how my Christmas week went.

New Year’s Week:

New Year’s week was a little more calmer. We still had to give some presents out, but it wasn’t from the process it was just for the fun of giving. One of the problems my family had, was that the car broke down. So, we had presents at home for my cousins, and I think we still have then as I write this. The whole week I spent at home reading, playing video games, and adoring my christmas presents I got. I got to cook books, pajama pants, two brand new sweaters, a scooter-waveboard thing, and spongebob…I’ll leave it as is because it’s to embarrassing.(It goes under the pants.) So, the whole week went by without my cousins coming, even though they said they were coming. Until Thursday night, we received a call from my grandma. She had said that my aunt had a baby boy. That’s why they hadn’t come. He was born on December 30. It was so close to New Year’s Eve. We went to visit her in the hospital the next day and found out my new baby cousins name was Mark. We told my other two cousins, Nathalie and Ashanti, their presents were still at our house. My grandma drove us back home. Everyone took a shower and prepared for tonight. After everyone took a shower my family and I headed for my cousins house again. I wore a light blue Mario shirt but with his clothes red as usual and red underpants.(Please don’t laugh. I only wore red for good luck.) There we waited for the new year to arrive. Everyone, my grandma, grandpa, my cousin Lupita, my cousin JR., my aunt, my uncle, my other aunt, my mom, my dad, my brother, and me, counted down,” Five… Four… Three… Two… One… Zero…,”and yelled,”Happy New Year!!!” We gave each other hugs and ate grapes for good luck. After the celebrating I went back home and fell asleep. When i woke up it was still New Year’s and guess were I got to go. DISNEYLAND!!!!! It was a nice day there were to rides that I really liked that i attempted to go again and again, Pirates of the Carribean and Mattahorn Bobsleds. At night we saw three of the bests show. The third best was The Enchanted Tiki Room. The second best was the Believe Fireworks Display. The best of all the best was Fantasmic a water show based on Mickey’s imaginatio. Then it was time to go home and New Year’s was over.

Well, there you have it. This is what I did on my winter break. As I said before, the best of it all was that I spent it with my family.

E-mail Accounts for Ten-Year-Olds

Should kids that are ten-years-old have an e-mail account? I think that they should get an e-mail account. E-mail accounts can open a whole new variety of technology. Like Edublogs. You need an e-mail to get one and show the world what you want them to see. It can be for online homework help to fun and games.

For one of the reasons to have e-mail accounts is so that you may communicate with teachers from outside of school. Your absent one day and you don’t have the homework. You are going to get detention and you have no one’s phone number. What will you do? You go to an e-mail. You could call the school and ask for the teacher’s e-mail address. You would e-mail her and get the homework so you won’t have detention.

Online homework help sometimes ask for an e-mail address. I think what you need is an e-mail address. You don’t now what your mom’s account is, so you make one of your own. Your under eighteen-years-old. This is one of the reasons that ten-year-olds should get e-mail account.

My final reason is to learn how to communicate on computers. My brother had learn ho to do all sort of communication on computers. My teacher, Ms. Nichols, has an e-mail account and I e-mail her every time I don’t get something. Kids can have lots of fun and also have help in homework. Many kids will learn to type this way, so e-mails are really helpful.

After all the talk we’ve been through, I go with the side of ten-year-olds should get e-mail accounts.Why? Because kids sometimes need help on homework or just want to talk to friends in private, that’s why. Lots of teachers have e-mail accounts as I mentioned earlier. So instead of calling the school and waiting on the phone to talk to the teacher, you can e-mail them instead. If some of you readers are parents, I say you should go get your ten-year-old child an e-mail account.

Nominating a Student Blog in My Class

I liked all of the blogs in my class, but the one I like most from my class is Steven’s Blog. So I am going to nominate his blog. I liked his the best for the following reasons:

  • He has nice pieces of writing.
  • His pencil and eraser friends are funny( the title seems really sad “My Only Friend”).
  • He has some humor in his headline.
  • And he has a a peaceful backround of wood.

Go and visit his blog in the link that says Steven’s Blog in green above. Like right so hurry. 🙂

Challenge #10- End of Blogging Challenge :(

Student Blogging Challenge

* How many posts did you write? 11 posts

* How many were school based or your own interests? School based: 10   Interests: 1

* How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students? 17 comments(not counting mine).

* Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened? The most comments I received were on my post of “Spring Break.”I think this is because people saw what I really like to do. Many people look for the same interests in people, and that’s why people become friends with one another.

* Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why? The post I enjoyed writing the most was “Spring Break Vacation Week”. I enjoyed this one the most because it gave me a chance to tell everyone what I like doing during my free time.

* Did you change blog themes at all and why? No, I didn’t change the theme at all. My favorite color is blue and also it came with the two sidebars.

* How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough? I have 7 widgets. I think it’s fine so that I can show my favorite blogs and pet. Also the blogroll.

Now you answer the following questions and comment below this post:

* What were your first impressions of this blog?

* What captured your attention?

* What distracted you on the blog?

* What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?